Iron Age Iron wood plectrum 9.00 mm

€ 44,95

Iron wood handgemaakte premium houten plectrum. Hardheid 3660: hard, geluid: helder

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How Thick Is Too Thick?

Ask & You Shall Receive, Lets Start With 9.00 mm After many requests for wooden picks, traveling the Arizonian deserts for endless days, and even more requests for thicker plectrums, we arrived at the only type of lumber that was worthy of the Sword & Laurels. We came across some lumber called "Desert Iron Wood". We answered the call, pulled the sword from the stone, and returned to the shop to produce something even beyond our norm.

Why Iron Wood?

Besides the obvious kinship to our brand, Iron Wood is known for being a very dense & heavy wood (as the name implies). However, we could make picks out of any wood, anywhere, anytime - Just like anyone else. But we only want the strongest, the most unique, & highest quality materials. So here we are...

About The Pick:

At a hefty 9.00 mm thick, this guitar pick is a behemoth. And instead of going for absolute absurdity with our thickness, we keep ours slightly modest but let the natural beauty of the wood speak HEAVY. If 9.00 mm wasn't comfortable enough to hold, we've also carved an indention on the back for a feel like the pick is molded to your hand.

Grip Stacked On Comfort:

To add to the feel of these picks, we've also finished them with a satin finish on the faces. The grip is all natural and looks and feels great in contrast to the semi-gloss bevels & sides of these picks. So what are you waiting for, grab yourself a pick that stacks higher than the rest. The Iron Wood Plectrum. Limited to only a dozen picks. Sourced in the Arizonian desert, Handcrafted in the Texan hill country.


34 x 28.5 x 9 mm

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