Iron Age Brass "Ducat" Classic plectrum 1.50 mm

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Mellow Down & Tune Up

Bright & Articulate Tones To Unwind To It's like an everlasting chime of a bell, sweet & resonant as it strums across the strings. These aren't your conventional picks, but likewise, produce a unique sound of their own. Some would say these picks produce a brighter sound compared to plastics, and because of their hefty weight, produce a nice punchy tone. Each is precision cut for consistency and carefully hand-finished from solid brass. And although they're metal, brass is softer than steel & won't be so punishing on your strings like other steel or titanium picks will.

Still, they're sturdy enough to last you hours upon hours of enjoyable usage. The tone is articulate & the feel is pleasantly smooth as they glide across the strings. That's because we refine our bevels to a buttery-smooth contour before polishing them to a fine reflective finish.

In addition, we improve its "grip" characteristics by sanding the faces with a nice satin texture and engraving a deep sword & logo to each pick. It's a subtle detail but allows that much more grip and provides a nice contrast the pristine polished edges. It really is a great feeling pick. It's weighty & with plenty of heft. It almost feels like you're holding a golden coin, which is why we've nicknamed them "Ducats" after the currency used in Europe during the Middle Ages. It doesn't get much more Iron Age than that.


30.5 x 25.5 x 1.50 mm

Iron Age


1.50 mm
Type plectrum

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