ChickenPicks Regular plectrum 2.6 mm

Plectrum of thermosetting plastic
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Looking for robust and durable guitar picks? Then the ChickenPicks Regular 2.6 mm guitar picks are for you! These extra heavy picks are made of thermosetting plastic, which makes them very sturdy and inflexible. This reduces the risk of damage and you will notice it: it is not uncommon that you can use one of these picks for more than a year. In addition, thanks to their thickness and solid shape, these picks produce an excellent tone without unwanted overtones. Very comfortable to play with. Chickenpicks picks are made of a unique and extremely hard material, last longer and offer more playing comfort. The rounded edges make it easier for the pick to move over the strings, making it easier to play (compared to thick / heavy picks from other brands). The thermosetting plastic material that Chickenpicks are made of is much harder and denser than the material used by other pick makers. As a result, they wear out much less quickly and last on average a year longer than other picks. The hardness of the material ensures that you won't get any marks in the pick where it hits the string.

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